Commissioner of Police, Darrin Simons, today had the honour of promoting Inspectors Derricka Burns, Jason Smith, and Dorian Astwood, to the rank of Chief inspector with the Bermuda Police Service, (BPS).

A statement posted via social media, stated: “Ms Burns, Mr Smith and Mr Astwood all joined the service via the Police Cadet Programme.

“The three of them combined, have contributed 93 years of service to Bermuda and her people.”

Police CI Dorian Astwood

Commissioner Simons in announcing the promotions said of the officers: “Their dedication and leadership have been instrumental in our success, and this promotion is a testament to their hard work and commitment to excellence.

“I wholeheartedly congratulate our three of our new Chief Inspectors and confidently look forward to the continued growth their leadership will bring. Let’s all rally behind them, offering our unwavering support as we embrace this exciting new chapter in our journey to make Bermuda safer.”