Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley stated outright today: “Somebody damn well knows who did this!”

Speaking at a news conference this morning, Bermuda’s top cop urged anyone who knows something to say something to prevent further atrocities like the one that claimed the life of a 31-year-old woman overnight, shortly after midnight this morning.

“One gun, one bullet is too much,” said the Commissioner on what was described as an “execution” style murder.

The victim was shot multiple times and succumbed to her injuries at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

He said it was still too early to say what type of weapon was used or whether or not the gun was used in other crimes committed locally.

But initial inquiries suggest this latest gun murder was gang related.

Mr Corbishley also stated that “the woman was specifically identified” or targeted.

“There were a number of people there who are obviously critical witnesses,” he added.

Asked how many, he replied: “I will just say several.

“Our primary focus in regards to the victim is their family,” he added.

“The scene was released after forensic evidence was collected as it is a residence people live there who are obviously grieving.

“Later today will do a further press release bike yellow and black – we’re looking at CCTV footage.”

The Commissioner maintained that there are “only a few guns” in Bermuda – “less than ten,” he said.

“And there are ways to identify if the guns were used in other crimes already.

“The sad fact is that guns are recycled used and then placed back with the people who hold them.

“The Bermuda Police Service is not blind to issues and while the incident overnight is a tragedy,” he said.

“But there’s no indication of gunmen being imported into Bermuda to commit these crimes.

“We are looking at the victim’s background, their profession and quite often in the early stages you get so many views.”

In closing, he reiterated that “somebody damn well knows who did this”.

“If they are going to do this they will do it again because they have no respect for life,” said Mr Corbishley.

“If you know something come forward to prevent these atrocities from happening again.”

More details are expected to be released later today, we’ll keep you posted.