Just when you thought you heard it all, Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley said today that four officers were quarantined after they were “deliberately coughed on” by a man arrested last night.

In a video posted on social media earlier today, the Commissioner said that it was “quite a serious incident last night when four BPS officers involved in the arrest and transportation of an individual back to Hamilton police station were deliberately coughed on by the person, who announced that he was coronavirus”.
“We don’t know if that is the case, but the impact of it is serious.

“We’ve had to quarantine the four officers while we establish the facts; obviously that has an impact on them and their families, costs to police, government, time, taking away specialist resources from the front line.

“The individual is going to go to court hopefully today, and it will be a matter for the court how he’s dealt with, but I take the issue extremely seriously, and I’m sure the whole of Bermuda does when we have such an important agenda to look after people’s health.”

A statement is due to be released later today.