The Bermuda Police Service would neither confirm or deny that the new Commissioner of Police Stephen Corbishley, is being housed at a local hotel with his wife and family, at a cost of $1,100 a day or more.

Reports reaching Bermuda Real indicate that the home designated, reportedly did not meet his wife’s standards. 

When contacted by Bermuda Real two weeks ago, neither the Minister or the Ministry of National Security responded. 

A spokeswoman confirmed that our request was received and sent to the Ministry. To date, she said there had been no response.

Mr Corbishley was officially sworn in by Governor John Rankin on the second day of Cup Match on August 3.

This coming Friday, September 14 will mark five weeks, at a flat rate of $1,100 per day, without service charges and taxes amounts to $7,700 per week. Times that by five weeks as of this Friday and taxpayers will have paid out $38,500 and counting.

All this on top of the Commissioner’s salary in a country with a multi-billion deficit, at a time when the national discussion zeroes in on what constitutes a ‘Living Wage’ in Bermuda.

With no confirmation on the fact that he is being housed in a hotel suite with his family at an additional cost to taxpayers, there’s no word on how long that tab will continue to go up, while the Commissioner and his family’s living arrangements are sorted out.

Efforts to secure an official comment from anyone in a position to comment to date have been unsuccessful.

Rest assured, Bermuda Real will keep you posted.