Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley today extended congratulatory remarks to the new Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Cindy Clarke and her predecessor Larry Mussenden.
The appointment was announced earlier today by Bermuda’s outgoing Governor John Rankin, who said the appointment takes effect this Friday.
“I am pleased to appoint Cindy Clarke as Bermuda’s next Director of Public Prosecutions,” he added.
“She will bring to the position a wealth of experience, including as Crown counsel since 2000 and as Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions since 2011.
“I wish Ms Clarke well in her new role.”
In a statement released this afternoon, Mr Corbishley applauded “the achievements of Mr Larry Mussenden in his role as DPP”, saying: “The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) and office of the Director have a close working relationship to ensure the connection
between law enforcement and justice in Bermuda is effective.
“There are many things that the DPPs office deal with that are not seen by the public. Their role is challenging, balancing cases to proceed to court in the public interest and making judgements in support of victims,” he added.
“Mr Mussenden has shown great leadership in his role and has achieved much that sets the DPP in a far greater position to deal with the challenges of 2020 and beyond.
“I further congratulate him on his appointment as Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court, a role I am aware he is delighted to be appointed to.
“I am also extremely pleased to learn of the appointment of Ms Cindy Clarke as the new Director of Public Prosecutions. Ms Clarke already has a strong relationship with the BPS and has been a lead advocate within many difficult and complex cases, not least as a champion of matters affecting victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence.
“I very much look forward to the BPS working with her going forward.”
Mr Mussenden will take up his new position as a Puisne Judge of Bermuda’s Supreme Court following a swearing in ceremony at Government House on Thursday.
In the lead up to the ceremony, the Governor said he was “grateful to Mr Mussenden for continuing in his work as Director of Public Prosecutions during a busy period”.
“I am pleased he will now be able to take up his seat on the Supreme Court and wish him well in his further service to Bermuda,” he added.
Ms Clarke was overlooked for this position twice before her appointment.
  • Top Feature Photo: bermudasun.bm