Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley has put  Mr and Mrs Joe Public on notice to expect to see a stepped up police presence, as the investigation into Bermuda’s latest gun murder continues.

At a new conference held following the murder of Ronniko Burchall who was gunned down at point blank range while standing outside St David’s Cricket Club, Mr Corbishley said detectives are looking for another “person of interest” in connection with this case,

He also stated that members of the public should expect to see a heavier police presence, including armed officers, on the streets of Bermuda.

This was evident on New Year’s Day on Hog Bay Level near the Hitching Post, where police conducted roadside checks and searches on a number of vehicles heading west in time for the game at Somerset Cricket Club yesterday.

At a news conference held the day after the fatal shooting, the Commissioner also noted that a 31-year-old man has been arrested in connection with Ronniko Burchall’s murder.

The other person of interest he said, was aware that police want to speak with him, and that both he, in addition to his family and friends know that he is being sought by police.

“I urge him to turn himself in — to come to us and answer questions,” he said.

He also stated that police want to ensure the man’s safety.

On increasing gang tensions, Mr Corbishley noted that police will be taking “robust measure” in the days ahead to ensure public safety.

“The reassurance that I put across is that the activity that’s taken place through intelligence, and other resources, is considerable,” he said.

“We’re changing the service to be more visible and we’re changing the service to be more responsive to the community.

  • Photo Courtesy of BPS