Stephen Corbishley, Commissioner of Police

News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – The Commissioner of Police, Stephen Corbishley, has condemned the recent comments

on Facebook by the entertainer Tony Brannon, sending out a message this morning to the BPS which stated:
“My reason for this message, is that the BPS has been associated with these comments as one of the posts, by Mr Brannon, referred to a departing BPS officer.
“This has made me angry, as we have nothing to do with this matter and for those of you who saw the Bermuda Broadcasting News last night, it led to some (sadly) understandable comments, questioning if these views are held in the service by some of
our colleagues.
“The answer should be and is, no.
“The BPS is a diverse group of officers and staff who have mutual respect for each another, whether it be our ethnicity, heritage, gender, sexual orientation or any other individual difference.
“Additionally, we have spent the past month building fantastic trust in North Hamilton and other Parish communities and we should not have this damaged by the words of a social commentator, who feels he can associate, deliberately or not, the BPS to his views.
“We all are different. We all have different views. We should always have respect for each other. That is what makes a good culture.
“That is what makes us a police service that reflects our local communities.”