News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Bermuda Police Service (BPS), was this morning engaged in a joint exercise with the Transport Control Department (TCD), aimed at getting unlicensed and uninsured vehicles off the road in recognition of significant public concern towards responsible driving and road safety.

However, what would normally have been a simple exercise was unexpectedly and significantly compromised by a road traffic collision in Paget resulting in injury to the road user as well as a Department of Public Transportation bus, stalling at the South Roundabout.

This combination of events resulted in problematic traffic delays for commuters heading east along South Shore Road, Middle Road and Harbour Road.

Upon recognizing the gravity of the traffic situation, the joint TCD/BPS initiative was stood down and officers redeployed to assist with clearing the congestion and improving the flow of traffic.

It is anticipated the joint TCD/BPS initiative to target illegal vehicles will again be in effect on Wednesday and Friday of this week and further details on this will be provided.

Whilst it is regrettable that road users were delayed this morning, the BPS and its partners are committed to ensuring safety on our roads. However, today’s operation was compromised by unforeseen events elsewhere, resulting in traffic congestion.