Police are appealing for witnesses to a two vehicle accident that occurred on Friday (July 16) to come forward to assist with their investigation.

A spokesman said the accident occurred around 4:10pm on North Shore Road in Hamilton Parish.

“Reports are a female motor cycle rider was travelling east along North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish when she initiated her left indicator to turn into Redkiln Road,” he said.

“An unknown male motorcycle rider, a)empted to overtake on the inside and collided with the female motorcyclist. She was knocked off her bike and sustained non-life threatening injuries.

“The other rider who also came off his bike in the collision, got back on his motorcycle and left the scene.

“A witness to the incident was able to get a partial view of the license plate of the bike ridden by the suspect. That license plate was described as containing the letters, ‘CV’.

“Anyone with informa&on on this incident is asked to call 211 or, the main police number, 295-0011.
“Members of the public are reminded that under the Road Trac Act 1947, anyone opera&ng a vehicle involved in a road trac collision resulring in injury to a person or, damage to property, shall immediately stop the vehicle and report the marrer to police.
“Failure to do so could result in prosecu&on before the courts and upon summary conviction, a fine of $2,100.