Police are today appealing to the public to not share a number of video clips circulating, which show a number of young people engaging in anti-social behaviour at the Arboretum in Devonshire.

The incident occurred around 4:15am on Saturday, June 18th, in the parking lot of the Arboretum, where several young people gathered after attending a function in Pembroke.

“We ask that should you receive any of these the video, you delete them and not forward them on,” a spokesman said.

“Although there were scores of people who witnessed the incident which resulted in one man being taken to hospital where he was attended to for multiple head and facial injuries, no one was willing to provide any information to police officers who responded to reports of the fracas.

“An investigation into this situation is now underway and police are appealing for anyone with any knowledge of what transpired, to please get in contact with us by calling 211, the main police number, 295-0011, the confidential Crime Stoppers number, 800-8477 or, speak with an officer you know.