Police are investigating 23 burglaries at private homes across the island during the past two weeks, many of them committed in broad daylight, while the occupants are out.

Now averaging roughly two break-ins a day, the Bermuda Police Service today urged residents to be extra vigilant, as part of their investigation involves a string of incidents that occurred between 8am and 5m.

A police spokesman said: “In a number of these incidents suspects have been identified and police are actively pursuing leads.”

Police have also received reports of “two black males on a motorcycle working together”.

Additionally, he said: “Witnesses in the western parishes are describing another burglary suspect – a white male believed to be of Portuguese descent who is very active in the Southampton area.”

But he said several of the homes hit by burglary were left unlocked and valuables were left in plain view.

Within the past two weeks, he said there were two burglaries reported in the City of Hamilton, two in Devonshire, one in Hamilton Parish, four in Paget, four in Pembroke, three in Sandys Parish, one in Smith’s Parish, four in Southampton and two in St George’s.

“This represents roughly two burglaries per day,” he added.

Residents are urged to lock all doors and windows before leaving home. If possible they are also urged to get a home security system or a dog, and be on the look out for any suspicious people or workers who come to their homes.

In the case of workers, the spokesman said: “Ask to see identification and call the business to verify before letting anyone in your home. “If you are unsure or feel unsafe, do not engage – call the police immediately.”

He also urged householders to avoid leaving large sums of money or jewellery where they can be seen. 

“If any community would like to establish a neighbourhood watch group please call the main police telephone number 29500011 or contact your respective Community Action Teams (CAT).

For more information to establish a Neighbourhood Watch Group, call 295-0011 or contact your respective Community Action Team. For the central parishes email centralcat@bps.bm, or easterncat@bps.bm for e