Despite an ongoing focus on traffic offences by the Bermuda Police Service (BPS), police recorded a total of 16 road traffic collisions over the National Heroes’ Day holiday weekend.

According to Chief Inspector Robert Cardwell, Officer in Charge, Tactical Support Division, “more than 70 tickets” were issued, in addition to the road traffic accidents, which ranged “in severity from relatively minor to potentially life threatening”.

“All 16 are under active investigation. It would appear that inattention and driving without due care were factors in most of these incidents,” he said.

“To emphasise the continued efforts of the BPS, from Friday, June 18th trough Monday, 21st June at least 77 tickets were issued for traffic offences, along with 24 motorist advice notices (official warnings).

“Of note, the Roads Policing Unit (RPU) handed out 57 speeding tickets during the period – as well as tickets for no driver’s licence, driving while disqualified and driving without due care. Road sobriety checkpoints were also in effect. However, only one person was arrested on suspicion of impaired driving as a result.

“In addition, police officers responding to regular calls for service during this past holiday weekend issued another 20 traffic tickets for offences including speeding; disobeying a traffic sign; no driver’s licence; driving while disqualified; illegally towing a vehicle; permitting an unlicensed vehicle to be driven and driving without due care.”

The most serious of the incidents involved:

•            A reported assault and single vehicle car crash in the Eastdale Lane, Southampton area. A 33-year-old Southampton man was reportedly assaulted by another man and attempted to escape in a car driven by a 31-year-old St. George’s woman during the early hours of Monday, 21st June. However, the vehicle apparently overturned, trapping the 33-year-old man underneath. He remains hospitalised in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit. The female driver sustained injuries that were less serious in the assault/crash. Witnesses are urged to call 247-1744.

•            A reported single vehicle motorcycle crash on Middle Road in Southampton around 3:15am Monday, 21st June. The rider, a 21-year-old Sandys parish man, apparently sustained internal and head injuries after colliding with the kerb, a wall and fencing near Avocado Lane. He remains hospitalised in the Intensive Care Unit.  Witnesses are urged to call Constable Ryan Swan on 247-1704 or e-mail

•            A 17-year-old male from Sandys parish hurt in a collision with two cars on Somerset Road in Sandys parish near Fort Scaur around 8:30pm Monday, 21st June. He received hospital treatment, but his injuries were less serious than first thought. He was later arrested on suspicion of impaired driving and released on police bail. Witnesses are asked to call Constable William Simpson on 247-1704 or e-mail

“I highlight these three crashes to underscore why the BPS continues to use appropriate traffic enforcement measures and appeal for the cooperation of all motorists,” said Mr Cardwell.

“We must do everything we can to minimise the risk to ourselves and others of injury or death on Bermuda’s roads.”