Police confirmed today that a 15-year-old teenager was arrested and subsequently released on police bail, in connection with “the theft of a handbag from a female visitor’s rental scooter basket on Friday (August 23)”.

Meanwhile, a police spokesman said: “Efforts to locate the second male suspect continue.

It now appears that the female visitor, said to be a 52-year-old Canadian woman, was riding a rental scooter into the parking lot at Horseshoe Bay beach when two young black males on a motorcycle approached from behind, with the pillion passenger removing her handbag from the rental scooter’s basket.

Apparently the 52-year-old woman alerted her family members, who attempted to stop the two suspects on the motorcycle from leaving, but the young men were able to escape with the handbag.

“Later Friday afternoon – following a police pursuit in the City of Hamilton area that ended when the suspects crashed the motorcycle they were traveling on into a private car near the Transport Control Department on North Street – the stolen handbag was recovered intact and the abandoned motorcycle used by the two suspects was impounded for forensic examination.

The incident and the arrest was first reported by TNN News, with photographs and video.

The spokesman added: “Inquiries continue and any witnesses are now encouraged to call the Criminal Investigation Department on 247-1744.

Alternatively, confidential tips can be provided by calling the independent and anonymous Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477, or by visiting the Crime Stoppers Bermuda website www.crimestoppers.bm.”