Bermuda’s Prison Officers took their dispute with the Bermuda Government, the Labour Disputes Tribunal and the Minister of National Security, Wayne Caines to the Commerical Court to settle unresolved issues on their health insurance benefits.

When contacted by Bermuda Real early this morning (November 28), Prison Officers Association (POA) Chairman, Timothy Seon, said: “To have our contracts broken under a labour administrative leadership is truly a sad day!”

The contractual benefits of the dispute centres around the GEHI benefits that were “stripped from the recommendations of the Labour Dispute Tribunal” – namely – Phil Perinchief, Betty Christopher and Craig Critchlow.

We are disappointed that a Labour political party founded February 10, 1963; with the tenet to champion and be the vanguard of Human Rights, Labour Rights and equality for the workers has gone to this extent,” said Mr Seon.

“The men and women who carry out our duties for this corporation, going above and beyond to reinforce good order and security as Prison officers, sacrificing our health and risking our lives, only to have our contracts broken under a labour administrative leadership is truly a sad day.”

POA members gathered outside the Government Administration Building early this morning, for a two-day hear in the Commercial Court, that started at 9:30am.

Represented by lawyer Delroy Duncan, Mr Seon confirmed that their case was filed against: “First defendant Labour Dispute Tribunal: Philip Perinchief, Betty Christopher, Craig Critchlow and Second defendant, Minister of National Security, Wayne Caines.

He also noted that “this is the same GEHI, a contractual benefit that each and every officer has signed on the dotted line for”.

On that note, he added: “The Government, through the Labour Disputes Tribunal has made the decision to take a contractual benefit”.

And that he said was the main focal point of their case being presented today and on Friday.

We’ll have more in subsequent news reports.

  • Feature Photos Courtesy of TNN