Progressive Labour Party members and supporters are being urged to come out early on Tuesday, July 4th, to Alaska hall on Nomination Day at 10am.

Campaign organisers sent notices out this weekend, inviting all members to see the PLP candidates, and join the party’s “well-wishers” in a motorcade through the streets of Hamilton, to the Seventh Day Adventist Church on King Street to nominate their candidates.

The motorcade will begin at Alaska Hall at 10:15am on Tuesday. Anyone who would like to walk and show their support is urged to join up with the motorcade near HSBC on Church Street.

A campaign spokesperson said party candidates were hard at work “canvassing all over the country” this weekend. With the General Election now less than three weeks away, she said: “We have much work to do, we are underway; and you must feel what we feel…IT’S OUR TIME!”