• The following statement was released by the Progressive Labour Party at 10:13pm tonight, Sunday, September 27, 2020…

How Much Was SAVVY Paid to Bring KES the Band to Bermuda?

After Craig Cannonier said on Thursday’s ZBM News that he didn’t know him, today, it was revealed that Anthony Blakey & Danilee Trott’s SAVVY Entertainment was actually hired by the OBA’s America’s Cup promotional authority to bring internationally acclaimed soca artist KES the Band, Patrice and Ricardo Drew to Bermuda.
Craig Cannonier claimed on the news on Thursday that he knew nothing of them. Well, maybe he didn’t – but, the America’s Cup organizers did. And so did former OBA Chairwoman & OBA Candidate Simone Barton who was pictured with Mr. Blakey & Ms Trott.
  • The Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BVNrZd9gGuM/ & https://www.instagram.com/p/BPtVz5EFMVM/
If this company was so disreputable, with no connection to Bermuda and no experience in the country, as the OBA wants Bermudians to believe, then, why did their America’s Cup promotional authority trust him with a contract to bring KES the Band to Bermuda? How much was he paid? Where are the details of the contract?
SAVVY Entertainment had experience in Bermuda and had done work in Bermuda with their Bermudian business partners. In addition to the work for AC35, SAVVY was also involved with the Annual Bermuda Fashion Festival receiving $235,000 from the corporation in 2019.
For the OBA to recycle the loan terms which were made public 16 months ago shows how desperate their campaign has become. The Party Leader has laid out the facts of this situation and steps have been taken to recover the funds and prevent a similar occurrence in the future. It is clear that the combined opposition are so desperate to create a scandal, they will do and say anything to stop the PLP.
Progressive Labour Party