• The following statement was released by the Progressive Labour Party this morning…
First, the OBA questioned the Premier’s loyalty to Bermuda and Bermudians. Now, they are attacking Renee Webb, who is not even a candidate, on personal issues that have absolutely nothing to do with the issues facing the country today.
We call on the OBA to “cool out” with the attacks and focus on the issues that matter to Bermudians.
The OBA is desperately attempting to stifle legitimate freedom of speech in an effort to deflect from their weak, untrustworthy leadership and poor performance.The fact is that while the OBA seeks to stifle criticism and scrambles to attract candidates, we are focused on delivering for Bermudians.
We have an economic recovery to deal with. And, our records when it comes to the economy are very different. The OBA sold our airport to a foreign company and now taxpayers are having to shell out millions because of their bad deal. They underfunded our schools and spent money on a boat race for millionaires and billionaires. Morgan’s Point was dead on arrival. And, under their watch, 2,000 Bermudian jobs were lost.
Prior to COVID, the PLP created 650 new jobs in Bermuda. We reduced payroll tax for workers to the lowest rate in history. We reduced red tape and eliminated taxes for startup companies creating jobs for Bermudians. And, we kept our campaign promise to double funding to Bermudian businesses through the BEDC. Our policies put Bermudians first.
At the end of the day, this election is about leadership. It is clear that the OBA prefers attacking people personally rather than seeking to serve the people. If you disapprove of this kind of gutter leadership and attacks, we ask for your support because we offer strong leadership that works for all of us.