Hard on the heels of the personal explanation given in the House of Assembly on Friday, the executive of the Progressive Labour Party said former Attorney General Trevor Moniz has failed “to answer legitimate questions”.

In a statement released on Sunday, the PLP said while the OBA MP gave “a personal explanation” on details surrounding the case against Lahey Clinic, and denied shredding anything “of value”, he has yet to say how he came into possession of information.

That information includes “individuals’ private financial details, that could only legally be obtained for use in a civil case by court order”.

The statement continued: “PLP MPs revealed to Parliament that members of the Bermuda Police Service shared information from criminal investigations with Mr Moniz’s lawyers, Cooley LLP.

“PLP MPs also discussed section 40 of the Proceeds of Crime Act which requires the Attorney General to seek an Order from the Supreme Court to gain access to government data to issue civil proceedings. Mr Moniz did not seek a court order and Parliament heard evidence that the compelled public officers to hand over terabytes of data held on government servers to his private lawyers, Cooley LLP, without the required court order.

“By refusing to follow the law, Mr Moniz abused the power of his office. Based on the evidence shared in Parliament on Friday, the Progressive Labour Party supports the calls for the Bermuda Police Service to commence an investigation into the former Attorney General’s actions while in office.”