Progressive Labour Party Senator Renee Ming added her voice to the call for a heavier police presence and improved CCTV surveillance in St George’s.

In a statement released today, the Shadow Minister of Municipalities said: “Reports of a violent robbery in broad daylight represents a frightening escalation of lawlessness in the Old Town.

“With promises of a fully operational, fully staffed Police station and the introduction of CCTV throughout the town remaining unkept, St Georgians are wondering if there will be any action to improve safety and security within St George’s,” said Senator Ming.

“The numerous incidents in and around St George’s over the past few weeks are a clear sign that the current approach simply isn’t working and as a result, criminals are getting bolder.

“The level of responsiveness of the Police Service to the needs of St George’s is also being questioned. In fact, a constituent complained to me about being unable to reach anyone at the Southside Police Station and ending up having to call the Somerset Police Station to get transferred to Southside, where there was still no answer.

“Fortunately, this was not an emergency, but a genuine attempt to provide our Police with information about suspicious activity in the East end that went unanswered. This is unacceptable and is symbolic of the neglect of St George’s.

“For law and order to be restored, more visible, regular and consistent foot patrols are required throughout the day and evening,” Sen Ming said. “CCT systems must be fully implemented and manned and more attention must be paid to the safety and security needs of St George’s.”

A number of incidents in and around St George’s made news headlines in recent weeks, including an attack that occurred in broad daylight on a man using an ATM, two robberies and an attempted robbery of taxi drivers, an assault on two male guest house workers by three to four men, and the theft of cash and damage to ten buses parked at the St George’s bus terminal.

To date, no charges have been laid in connection with any of these incident.