The Progressive Labour Party’ Parliamentary Group has selected Dennis Lister II as the new Speaker of the House and Derrick Burgess as their selection for Deputy Speaker.

Premier David Burt confirmed the appointments yesterday, following a meeting of the party’s caucus last week, in the lead up to the Reconvening of Parliament on Friday, when the new administration will deliver their first Throne Speech.

In a statement released last evening, the Premier said: “The PLP Parliamentary Group endorsed the longest serving member of the House, MP Dennis Lister II, as our choice to serve in the distinguished role as Speaker of the House for the next Parliament.

PLP MP Derrick Burgess

“Caucus also endorsed the second longest serving PLP Member of Parliament, Derrick Burgess, to serve as Deputy Speaker in the next Parliament.

“These two men have displayed unmatched dedication to our community over their decades of service. I have immeasurable confidence in their ability to lead and discharge the duties their position require with respect and integrity.

“I know they will diligently handle all matters put before them in the House of Assembly and that they will continue to work in accordance with the guiding principles of fairness and justice.”

Mr Lister was first elected to Parliament in 1989. Mr Burgess was first elected in 1998. As the PLP’s longest serving MP, his new role as the Presiding Officer of the Lower House.

According to Bermuda’s Parliamentary website: “Once elected the Speaker renounces all party affiliations and does not participate in any of the debates, his main function being to ensure that the rules of the House are observed and the order and decorum are maintained during meetings. He arbitrates on matters relating to procedure, decides on points of order and gives rulings where and when necessary.”