• The following statement was released by the Progressive Labour Party in response to One Bermuda Alliance MP Susan Jackson…
The PLP passed a number of changes to the Parliamentary Registration Act to make it easier for Bermudians to vote.
Now, seniors can vote in the advance poll and so can anyone with a plane ticket. They need not register in advance, they can just come and vote with their ticket. Parolees can vote. And, there are provisions for voting from home for the sick and incapacitated. The blind now have facilities to cast secret ballots.
Regarding the campaign, we have strict protocols in place for our canvassers. Remain physically distant. Wear masks. Carry hand sanitizer and use it often. Step knock on the door and STEP BACK to allow for physical distancing.
While the OBA promised many electoral reforms in 2012 and delivered none, the PLP actually delivered the aforementioned reforms to make it easier and safer for Bermudians to exercise their hard won franchise.