Organisers of the free Progressive Labour Party Victory Party later this evening have not been swayed by criticism that the newly elected government needs to get down to handling the people’s business, as opposed to wasting time and money partying.

The social media debate erupted shortly after the announcement that PLP supporters will be treated to a night of free entertainment and fun in celebration of the PLP’s recent landslide General Election victory.

One blogger wrote: “FYI your schools and teachers need your support more than the community needs a free soca show and bbq. Please get it together you’re starting off on the wrong foot.” Others agreed, and another blogger asked: “If you can get sponsors for parties why not for schools and transport?” But there were others who disagreed, with one blogger noting that the PLP is hosting a ‘Thank You’ party for all the volunteers and supporters who helped make the party’s election victory a reality.

When contacted by Bermuda Real, a PLP spokeswoman said: “This party began as a thank you for our hundreds of volunteers to take place the day Parliament opens, as many were travelling during the month of August. However, we’ve received so much support and encouragement that we decided to open it up to the entire community.”

As for the criticism that now is not the time to waste time partying, she said: “The Government is already hard at work and we encourage our members, supporters and their families to join us at 5pm on Friday at the Devonshire Recreation Club.”

A host of entertainers will be performing at the free event this evening at the Devonshire Recreation Club.