Progressive Labour Party MP, Scott Simmons was hard at work today in preparation for the first-ever ‘Thanksgiving Thank You’ dinner for the constituents in C32 Southampton West.

West bound motorists may have noticed him and colleagues posting signs to let area residents know that they are more than welcome to stop by the church hall at Mount Zion AME for a free Thanksgiving meal this evening.
When contacted by Bermuda Real, Mr Simmons said all of his constituents are welcome, whether they voted for him in the last General Election or not.
“This is the first time that Constituency 32 has done anything like this as it relates to doing it for Thanksgiving and a ‘Thanksgiving Thank You’,” he said.
“We thought that we’ve done fish fries, we’ve done other fundraising events, we’ve trimmed trees, we’ve cleaned up the neighbourhood and took up the trash and collected the garbage on days when there was no coverage by the Government due to a work stoppage.
“But we’ve covered the constituency for a long time and now we feel that since the election that we just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ to all those who came out and voted and those who didn’t.
“We represent and I certainly represent about 1,353 registered voters in my area and I believe that we just wanted to tell them all thank you, even if they did not come out to vote to let them know that we appreciate them and that if they have any concerns, we can discuss those concerns, but to let them know that we appreciate them,” he added.
“And as I have been given an opportunity to continue to serve in the area I look forward to doing so, I will work with them and they could look forward to contacting me and I will address their issues.
“So I just wanted to send out this Thanksgiving Thank You. It’s just to tell them we appreciate them, we appreciate those who did come out and vote and we also appreciate those who may or may have not voted. But I’m there, they can contact me and I’m there for them. So this is my kind of thank you to them.”
The food was purchased as a result of a group effort for funding. Dinner starts after 4pm and runs through to 7pm and residents are asked to bring their ID.