• The following statement was released by Progressive Labour Party MP Michael Scott

The One Bermuda Alliance in their desperate attempt to protect the interests of the elite and privileged have shifted into a campaign of blatant deceit and scaremongering. It appears that if the OBA cannot change minds with facts and sound arguments, they are seeking to divide and rule through deception.

The facts are these: The government has no intention of placing the pensions of Bermudians in jeopardy, no matter what the OBA claims. Anyone who claims otherwise is simply trying to deceive you.

The OBA opposes the PLP’s work towards healthcare reform that will lead to a reduction in health insurance costs providing relief to Bermudian households.

The OBA opposes the PLP’s work towards providing mortgage relief to Bermudians and reform that will give Bermudians options to reduce the cost of their mortgage payments.

The OBA opposes the creation of “a fund in this country that is going to provide access to capital to the people who did not have it.” While the PLP however, believes that Bermudian savings need to support economic development in Bermuda.

The PLP is fighting to break the status quo and is taking on the forces that keep Bermudian salaries low and Bermudian health insurance and mortgage payments high. The OBA is fighting to keep things as they are and will stop at nothing to defend the privileged at the expense of Bermuda’s middle class.

MP Michael Scott