Hard on the heels of two speculative reports by the Bermuda Broadcasting Company, Progressive Labour Party MP, Michael Weeks said today: “The reported comments and speculation surrounding me no longer being a Minster of the Government are grossly inaccurate. “
In a statement released this afternoon, the former Minister of Social Development and Sports said: “The actions taken with respect to the Department of Child and Family Services were done with the full knowledge and support of my former Cabinet colleagues.
“Like them, I am glad that the investigation will continue and my hope is that the outcomes will enhance the work of the Department of Childand Family Services on behalf of Bermuda’s children,” he said.
“I will continue to support the agenda of the Government from the back bench as we work collectively to build the better and fairer Bermuda for all of Bermuda’s citizens, especially our children.”
Earlier this week, BBC ran a report with one of the founders of SCARS stating that it was his understanding that Mr Weeks lost his Ministry for ordering an investigation into complaints filed against the Department of Child and Family Services.
That report was followed by another, quoting an unnamed Government official stating that the initial report was not true.
In hindsight, it would have been prudent to have waited to get the initial report corroborated first – that’s the standard – or it used to be!
Beyond that – not this reporter’s issue – when the obvious standard is WEAK!