Progressive Labour MP Michael Scott has called for the resignation of former Attorney General Trevor Moniz, but not before a formal apology to “The People of Bermuda”.

In a statement entitled ‘Moniz Ego Risks Bermuda’s Livelihood’, Mr Scott said:

“I wish to condemn in the most severe terms, former Attorney General Trevor Moniz’s reckless and futile lawsuit that caught the attention of the US Federal Government.

Michael Scott, PLP MP in Sandys North

“As revealed in Parliament on Friday, the former government was contacted by the US Department of Justice, in light of the court filing in the unsuccessful Lahey Clinic lawsuit, to ensure that the provisions of the US/Bermuda treaty had been adhered to. As per the provisions of the Treaty, information or evidence provided by the US authorities must be kept confidential and should not be used for any purpose other than what it was requested for. Therefore, if the former Attorney General had decided to use alleged intelligence gathered from one investigation to support a civil lawsuit, it could have put at risk Bermuda’s relationship with the US Government.

“The maintenance of Bermuda’s relationship with the US Government is no small matter,” he said.

“MP Trevor Moniz’s foolish and dangerous gamble cost tax payers at least a million dollars in legal fees that should have been spent on education and other social initiatives.

In closing, Mr Scott stated: “Trevor Moniz’s actions did not justly represent the Government or the People of Bermuda; instead his risky crusade put all of our futures at stake. If MP Moniz had a shred of decency, he would do the right thing: apologise to the People of Bermuda and resign his seat.”