• The following Op-Ed was released by Progressive Labour Party MP Kim Swan on Monday, December 14, 2020…
It is disgusting that during the holiday season, when a family and the community are coping with the trauma of this experience that the former leader of the country has stooped to this despicable low with his political grandstanding.
The recent incident in St George’s is extremely traumatic for my constituents and according to an area resident “could have been far worse”.
We are reaching out to area residents and some are reaching out to us as well. We will continue that outreach together with the Bermuda Police Service Community Parish Officer and the hardworking Gang Violence Reduction Team.
We reiterate our support for the family and on behalf of the government – we recognize many in the immediate community may require counselling – we can only extend our deepest apologies for the former Premier’s abhorrent behaviour.
MP Kim Swan
Constituency # 2 – St George’s West