Progressive Labour Party MP and Government Whip, Michael Weeks was formally sworn in as the new Minister of Social Development and Sports.

Flanked by a host of family members and friends, including the former Minister Zane DeSilva, who resigned last month, Mr Weeks pledged to do all he can for Bermuda, as a country, to “get social development and sports right” as “the glue of our community”.

Premier David Burt, who made the announcement at Government House this morning, said Mr Weeks has a “deep passion” for the community and sports clubs. He also noted that Mr Weeks is “no stranger to cabinet”.

“As someone who has worked in community service for a very long time, I have every confidence that he will be able to demonstrate the passion for the job, executing on the Government’s wishes the very important matters of financial assistance reform, the very important matter of community club regeneration and the very important matters of making sure our social fabric and our culture continues to be highlighted,” said Premier Burt.

Mr Weeks who said: “The time has long been overdue for us to acknowledge and bring our community and sporting clubs into the 21st century.

“I have always said that if we get social development and sports right, that is the glue of our community.

“I firmly believe that if we get social development and sports right, we will address a lot of the issues.”

Mr Weeks now heads up the Ministry charged with formulating the plan for financial assistance reform in Bermuda, a programme costing taxpayers more than $1 million a week.

  • Feature Photo Courtesy of DCI