The following Op-Ed was released by Progressive Labour Party MP, Jache Adams, Constituency 19 – Pembroke West…

Supported by the Government’s commitment to making tangible strides toward meeting the housing needs of Bermudians, the Bermuda Housing Corporation’s Home Start programme, has proven to be a beacon of hope and progress in housing our people. This initiative, in partnership with Clarien Bank, offers 100 percent mortgages to first-time homeowners. As a result, 34 Bermudian families have already become proud homeowners, with four more families in the final stages of securing their homes.

This programme is a direct result of Bermudians telling us on the doorstep and in our community that our people desperately need more access to affordable housing and more pathways toward owning a home. We listened, took action, and step by step, we are making steady progress toward answering the housing needs of our people.

As a Government, we believe Homeownership is a cornerstone of financial stability and personal security for many Bermudians. By providing 100 percent mortgages, the Government is removing one of the most significant barriers to homeownership – the need for a substantial down payment. This move broadens access to housing and ensures that more Bermudians can lay claim to their own “piece of the rock”.

Moreover, the Home Start programme complements other initiatives such as the Mortgage Guarantee Programme offered by Bermuda Commercial Bank, which provides the lowest mortgage rates on the island. Such comprehensive support underscores a strategic approach to making homeownership a reality for more Bermudians.

Whilst we are proud of the progress made thus far we have not lost sight of the fact that there are still too many of our people struggling to find affordable housing or dealing with overcrowded or inadequate living situations. More must and will be done and in the months ahead as more housing units will be constructed, more programmes to assist Bermudians in obtaining housing will be unveiled and our laws governing tenant and landlord rights will be modernised and made more equitable.

I appreciate the Bermuda Housing Corporation Board, chaired by MP Chris Famous, along with its management and staff, for their diligent work in fulfilling the BHC’s mandate of providing affordable housing. Their efforts are a vital component of this success story, and their dedication is contributing significantly to the betterment of Bermudian society. We must also thank Clarien Bank for supporting this initiative and helping to tackle a serious community challenge.

The Home Start programme is more than just another policy initiative; it is a life-changing opportunity for Bermudian families.

Jache Adams, JP, MP