Progressive Labour Party members looking forward to the first Progressive Labour Party leadership debate on Saturday (Oct 8), were no doubt disappointed to hear it was cancelled.

In a statement released by PLP spokeswoman, Dawn Simmons, said it was cancelled due to “a logistical error”.

“Both Candidates and the Party’s Executive Committee that the Leader’s debate scheduled for Saturday, October 8th on Party-related matters has, unfortunately, been cancelled,” she said.

“Recognizing that political debates are a feature of a progressive, strong democracy, both Candidates are fully committed to participating in the debate scheduled for Saturday, October 15th.

“Further details regarding this debate will be released once confirmed. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”

Party delegates are scheduled to take a vote on the challenge by former Minister of Finance Curtis Dickinson for Premier David Burt’s leadership position. And former Minister of National Security, Renée Ming, has fielded a challenge for the deputy leadership position currently held by Walter Roban.