The following statement was released by Progressive Labour Party Senator Lindsay Simmons…

On Friday (May 31), the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party announced new legislation to provide immediate financial support for Bermudians facing unexpected financial hardships. The “Financial Assistance (Short-Term Relief Benefit) Act 2024” was introduced by Minister of Youth, Social Development, and Seniors, Tinée Furbert, in the House of Assembly.

Jr Minister for Youth, Social Development and Seniors Lindsay Simmons expressed her enthusiasm, stating: “For too long, Bermudians have had few options to obtain relief for legitimate hardship that didn’t fall under the criteria of Government Financial Assistance. We could see the pain and struggle that this was causing our people and that is why we decided to make Financial Assistance more immediate and more accessible on a short-term basis for those Bermudians experiencing unforeseen financial hardship such as job loss or domestic violence.”

The Short-Term Relief Programme, will be managed by the Department of Financial Assistance and will operate as follows:

  • Eligible individuals will receive $1,500 per month
  • The benefit can be received for up to three months within a financial year
  • Applications must be submitted in writing, either digitally or in person, with documented proof of eligibility and evidence of sudden financial hardship
  • Recipients must adhere to specified conditions, such as reporting any changes in financial circumstances, intentions to travel outside Bermuda, and receiving other financial assistance awards.

“On the doorstep and in the community you have told us that the Financial Assistance Programme simply wasn’t meeting the needs of every Bermudian. We listened to you and took action to make change. Thank you Minister Furbert for bringing forth an initiative that highlights our commitment to giving timely support for those in need, ensuring that individuals facing sudden financial difficulties can receive the assistance that they need to navigate challenging times,” concluded Senator Simmons.

Senator Lindsay Simmons