Progressive Labour Party MP and a former Attorney General Michael Scott, will take to the airwaves later today, on the Sherri Simmons Show, after 1pm.

This after Speaker of the House, Dennis Lister, read in-part, the contents of a letter, indicating that the Lahey civil lawsuit filed by the former government put Bermuda’s treaty relationship with the United States at risk.

During the Motion to Adjourn, Premier David Burt tried to read the email on the floor of the House of Assembly.

Dennis Lister, Speaker of the House

But the Speaker warned him against reading it, saying: “It it’s sensitive, I don’t think it should be made public.”

He then opted to read the last line from the email, and said: “Our treaty relationship was in threat, based on what I have in front of me.”

He read the last line, which said: “This is a very important matter which can have an impact on our treaty relationship.

“I am available to speak with you at your convenience. And it’s signed by the individual.” Mr Lister would not read the full content of the email or identify the persons named.

“It did come from a senior officer in the US Criminal Justice Department,” he added.

The email, was addressed to former Attorney General Trevor Moniz’s chambers.

As you’ve heard by now, Mr Moniz was kicked out of the House on Friday night amid a heated debate on the recent dismissal of the civil lawsuit against Lahey Clinic.

Mr Scott, rose to his feet after the ejection and accused Mr Moniz of deliberately getting himself kicked out of the House to avoid pertinent questions.

“That Member, the chief law officer, has by calculation and device arrange for his self-ejectment from the House so that he does not have to answer,” said Mr Scott.

He also said the former AG’s actions told “a thousand tales of the absence of accountability”.

He will be live in studio on the Sherri Simmons Show at 1pm today.