News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Progressive Labour Party today congratulated “23-year parliamentary veteran Cole Simons on his elevation to leader”.

Mr Simons was elected by acclamation as the new OBA Leader Craig Cannonier who resigned from the position.

The OBA now hold six seats in the 36-seat House of Assembly, and in addition to Mr Simons, their other MPs are Craig Cannonier, Scott Pearman, Susan Jackson, Michael Dunkley and Jarion Richardson.

A PLP spokesperson said: “We look forward to a robust debate on how to reshape our economy in the aftermath of COVID-19.

“First elected in 1998 under the United Bermuda Party banner, Mr. Simons was three times elected under the UBP banner and three times under the OBA banner. He brings decades of experience to the table and we look forward to both debating the veteran politician and working with him to build a Bermuda that works for all Bermudians.”