The Progressive Labour Party (PLP) will roll out “candidates with commitment and dedication to their communities” in both upcoming by-elections, following the resignations of Opposition MPs Jeff Baron and Grant Gibbons.

PLP Chairman Owen Darrell “duly” noted the resignations last week of Warwick North East MP Jeff Baron and “long serving” Paget East MP, Dr Grant Gibbons.

In a statement released this afternoon, Mr Darrell said the PLP candidates “will represent them suitably in the House of Assembly week in and week out”. who will also “advocate” for the constituents involved.

“Our PLP candidates will be selected and announced once the Party undergoes the internal selection processes,” said Mr Darrell.

Word of the two resignations last week, came within 48 hours of each other. One Bermuda Alliance (OBA) MP Jeff Baron announced his resignation last Wednesday, followed by veteran MP Grant Gibbons who made his announcement in Parliament on Friday.

After 25 years of service, as of today, Dr Gibbons is no longer a Member of Parliament.

The PLP also thanked Mr Baron and acknowledged the “25 years service” of Dr Gibbons.

The upcoming by-elections will be set in accordance with the Bermuda Constitution.

Section 51 of the Constitution states: “Whenever any person vacates his seat as a member of the House of Assembly for any reason other than a dissolution of the Legislature, an election to fill the vacancy shall be held within two months after the occurrence of the vacancy unless the Legislature is sooner dissolved or the date on which the Legislature will stand dissolved under the provisions of section 49(2) of this Constitution is less than four months after the occurrence of the vacancy.”