The chairman of the Progressive Labour Party has announced that he will resign.

This after a vote of no confidence was passed on Damon Wade after he was recorded saying he was owed a place in a PLP “friends and family policy” at a meeting last month.

Following an emergency party meeting held last Monday, the PLP issued a statement today saying Mr Wade “announced his intention to resign as party chair”.

The issue centred around claims by Mr Wade that members of the Cabinet had shown “incompetence, arrogance and vindictiveness” against him on his proposal for an energy project at the National Sports Centre in Devonshire.

Premier and party leader David Burt, said: “Some readers could have had the impression that chairman Wade was seeking to use his office to acquire a contract.

“It must be noted for the record that for the public private partnership project at the National Sports Centre, chairman Wade’s company was designated the “preferred bidder” in September 2018, prior to his election as PLP chairman.

“Therefore, it would be incorrect to suggest the chairman used his position for personal gain or failed to live up to the high moral standards that the officers and members have set for the party and themselves.

“I thank chairman Wade for his service as chair,” he said.

“Having held this volunteer office before, I know the incredible demands faced by any chairman of the PLP in balancing private commitments and party matters.”

He also stated that Mr Wade’s tenure would be remembered for the development of the party mission and vision, which was designed to “ensure the PLP is a dynamic organisation that can meet the demands of a changing Bermuda”.

“As party leader I look forward to working with him in the future to make sure that we increase the speed of small-business contracting which will assist the PLP in our mission of increasing black economic empowerment in Bermuda,” said Mr Burt.

Mr Wade said: “I have been honoured to serve as chairman of the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party. During my tenure, we’ve improved the financial position of the party started upgrades to our Alaska Hall headquarters, and commenced a strategic planning exercise to ensure the party is ready for the challenges of this next decade.”

“Though I will soon resign as chair, I will remain a member of the party, and look forward to working with the research and platform committee and the Parliamentary group to put forward recommendations to the party’s central committee to assist issues faced by small businesses.”

Vacant positions on the party executive will be filled at a special delegates conference on February 10.