♦ The following statement was released by PLP Chairman Damon Wade
The recent Cabinet Shuffle by the Premier demonstrates the depth of talent and the willingness of each member of Cabinet and the Backbench to operate wherever and whenever the Leader and the Party calls upon them.
Alongside our growth in Party membership and the successful completion of many of our Platform promises, we have a team that is committed to putting Bermudians first for the next chapter of building a better, fairer Bermuda.
Creating more jobs, ensuring a more reasonable cost of living, and fixing the challenges facing Bermuda will not be easy,  but the PLP team is ready and focused to get the job done. While there is a finite number of Cabinet members, the PLP Team consists of a team of 30, inclusive of backbenchers and Senators, and all will be working for the greater good of Bermuda.
On behalf of the Progressive Labour Party and our Executive we congratulate the Premier on his Cabinet selection, commend our Parliamentary team for their hard work and sacrifice and look forward to chapter 2 of the PLP building a better, fairer Bermuda.
Signed Damon Wade, PLP Chair