The Munro Beach Cottage Colony as we have known it, will soon become a resort of the past when plans submitted to rebuild the well known tourist resort in Southampton West.

The cottage colony shut down operations 15 years ago, but plans are underway to redevelop the property.

The application, submitted by Broadview Ltd on behalf of Barefoot Resorts Ltd, will see the demolition of the property, to be replaced by a new cottage colony — the Whitney Bay Club at Munro Beach.

The new facility includes eight vacation villas, with five four-bedroom units, two two-bedroom units and a single one-bedroom unit, in addition to a shared clubhouse with amenities.

The application stated: “Much of the proposed development will be similar in its built form as to what previously existed across the site, which was the arrangement of cottages.

“The buildings will be carefully sited, accessed and landscaped in such a manner as to retain a low density of buildings and to create a high level of open space, as well as to maximise privacy between the villas and capturing the sea views wherever possible.

“The site will offer additional amenities including a pool, a bar and a lounge area.

“Exterior finishes of the buildings will consist of an exterior plastered finish, energy-efficient glazing and timber louvres, integrated into thoughtful landscaping as a cohesive contemporary interpretation of the Bermuda vernacular.”

The application also noted that the project would realign the property’s entrance to improve access for fire trucks and accessibility for those with disabilities.

The proposal includes a conservation management plan to “establish an environmentally-based methodology for conservation management suited for a tourism site”.

“The aim is to provide a starting point for planting and landscape works that are well thought out and in keeping with coastal and woodland reserve policies and objectives,” the application stated.

“Endemics and native species will replace invasives to create sustainable and ecologically valuable amenity.”

Initial plans to redevelop the property after it closed in 2007, were announced with an anticipated reopening date planned in 2013 for a proposed 26 two-bedroom plan for hotel suites spread over 14 buildings.

At last check, the five-acre property went up for sale in 2019 at a listed price of $9.95 million.