Alarming footage captures a man on an plane slap a female flight attendant across the face as chaos erupted on a recent Brussels Airlines flight after the passenger began screaming in his seat.

Mirror Online reports: “It is believed a male flight attendant attempted to restrain the passenger but he became violent.”

The video, published by Carmen Moore on Facebook, shows the man shouting: “You don’t put your hands on me!”

“Calm down,” the male flight attendant says repeatedly in response.

“And the two-minute clip, which has been posted online, then shows the confrontation become increasingly heated.

“The flight attendant’s supervisor, seen in the red uniform, attempts to calm the situation but is told to “shut the f*** up” by the passenger.”

She responds, saying: “You listen, and you calm down.”

But he eventually appears to attack the employee at close range, the report said.

The woman’s colleagues dash to restrain the passenger after the violence.
“During the footage and in comments online, it is alleged the female flight attendant had hit the passenger prior to the recording.”

The man’s partner, believed to be filming the confrontation, is heard saying: “This is not illegal. This is my right” in the moments before the violence.

“On social media, there are claims that this took place on a Brussels Airline flight.

“Mirror Online has approached the airline for comment.”