News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – The Ministry of Public Works is reminding its piped water customers in Devonshire, Smiths, and Hamilton parishes that starting Tuesday, 26 February, 2019, the Ministry will begin work on repairing and replacing the water mains along Middle Road, Fort Hill Road and Watlington Road East which feed these parishes.

Some points the Ministry wished those affected customers to be aware of:

  • The work is expected to take around three (3) months to complete
  • Works are vital to replace an aged and vulnerable water main that has consistently and frequently failed over the past 24 months
  • Works will involve weekly scheduled periodic shut downs of the piped water service. During each week of the construction period, the system will be shut down on Tuesdays and reinstated on Fridays. This will allow for the works to be completed, and for customers to obtain water during this period as well
  • What exactly does this mean? Will residents have water while its shut down?

The piped water customers in Devonshire, Smiths, and Hamilton parishes receive a top up supply and is not a direct feed to internal plumbing. Essentially, no one being affected should be directly connected. As with normal practice, householders are encouraged to manage their own tank levels to maintain their internal water supply. To assist householders, the Ministry is minimizing the down time as much as possible. If affected residents require a topped up water supply during the time the mains are off they are encouraged to contact water trucking companies who will be available to assist.

  • To be clear residents in the Alexandra Road, Devonshire area are not being affected by these planned works
  • Any queries with regard to this disruption of services can be directed to the Water and Sewage Section by email at or by calling 278-0570

The Minister of Public Works, Lt. Col. David Burch said, “While we understand and apologize for the inconvenience that this work will cause, customers can be assured that we are endeavoring to minimize its impact with this schedule.”

  • Photo Courtesy of James Barbosa: Minister of Public Works, Lt. Col. David Burch with Tarik Christopher, Principal Engineer (Water and Sewage) highlight extensive water works which will take place in Devonshire, Smiths, and Hamilton for the Ministry’s piped customers starting next week.