An investigation is now underway into a marine accident that severely damaged the propellers and driveshafts on board the pilot boat St David.

A Ministry of Transport spokesperson confirmed that the craft “made contact with a reef” and “sustained damage” early Thursday morning (May 6), around 6:48am.

The incident occurred during a training exercise while the vessel was en route to North Rock Beacon, in the vicinity of the Northeast Breaker Beacon, when the craft crashed into a reef.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

“The vessel lost power on both engines and was unable to regain propulsion after making contact with the reef and was towed into Dockyard,” the spokesperson added.

The incident is now under investigation.”

The 61ft twin-engined St David  was built by the Gladding-Hearn Shipyard in Somerset, Massachusetts and replaced the smaller vessel with the same name in 2012.

  • Top Feature Photo: Flickr