News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The members of the Bermuda Olympic Association voted last evening to appoint Peter Dunne the new President of the organization. Julia Hawley was returned as Treasurer and the three directors, Katura HortonPerinchief, Patty Petty and Donna Raynor, were also re-elected. The terms for this half of the BOA board will run until 2024.

Dunne is replacing Judy Simons who stepped down from the BOA after 25 years of service to the organization in numerous positions, most recently as its President. Capping her two and half decades was the gold medal performance of Flora Duffy at the recent Tokyo Olympic Games.

Dunne commented “This is a great honour to be elected to lead the Bermuda Olympic Association for the next three years. The support of the members and the feedback I have had from them suggests that there is great enthusiasm for furthering the opportunities for Bermuda’s athletes. I hope to be able to work with them and, with the support of the great team in the BOA office, to help realize sporting aspirations and instill new dreams in the minds of younger athletes.”

A replacement for the now vacated 2nd Vice President position previously held by Dunne will be filled through an election by BOA members in the new year. That position, along with the half of the board not elected yesterday, will be up for reelection in the second half of 2022.