News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda, Sunday, July 19, 2020 – People’s Vice President, Tamara Richardson, has issued the following statement…

People’s Pharmacy and our employee received confirmation today, from a fifth test administered by the Government testing lab, that the employee was indeed negative for COVID-19.

This test result is now being tested a sixth time at their request, and we will honour that process before allowing any employees back to work who are currently under mandated quarantine as a result of this unfortunate set of events.

This entire process brings to light the concerns we as a community should have for privacy around health results, responsibility and duty of care for ourselves during this pandemic, and the absolute danger that could result from rumours and fear being the paradigm in which we operate.

As the owner, manager and leader of the People’s team, I reiterate what I said in my message yesterday (July 18); as a company, we will always go one step above excellence when it comes to the health and safety of the People’s family.

Today, that one step above excellence means getting clarity about how one Bermudian can require a total of six tests, just to confirm they are COVID free. That one step above tomorrow (July 20) begins with us reviewing our entire operating processes to understand how we can ensure this never occurs again to a member of our team.

It is most unfortunate that, out of the more than 100 positive cases, People’s Pharmacy is the only company to have ever been identified or linked with a case.

As a community, that should give you pause, and I urge you to act as though every place you enter, and every person you greet, could be positive. In doing so, you will likely not feel the angst you felt when our company was wrongly maligned based on false rumours, false accusations and what so far is proving to be false test results.

I wish each of you continued health and wellbeing.

Tamara Richardson, Vice President – People’s Group of Companies