The People’s Campaign has released a new report proposing a host of policy proposals with a pledge to continue holding the Government to account.

The 12-page document entitled ‘Social and Economic Empowerment for Consideration and Implementation’, calls for tougher immigration policies and better training for Bermudians, as well as the creation of a culture of entrepreneurship.

The report also lists a new Workforce Equity Bill, price controls and standardised healthcare costs as top priorities.

Other sections of the document called for strengthened complaints boards for the police and prison service. Other proposals include:

  • Linking work permits to the training of Bermudians;
  • Strengthened parish councils, with more financial support for community clubs;
  • Financial literacy classes in school curriculums;
  • Legislation to promote co-operatives and 
  • Price controls.

The report states at the outset that “this Social and Economic Development Blueprint document represents an extension of the principles affirmed in the People’s Manifesto for Equality, Jobs, and Justice”.

“This transformation will require moral courage and conviction along with a willingness to think creatively about the challenges we face.”

It was also noted that “the recommendations in this document serves as a means by which the People’s Manifesto and move Bermuda toward a more just and equitable society”.

“This document also aims to highlight key areas of focus that will promote and foster social and economic development in the lives of Bermudians with the ultimate goal of eradicating poverty, and the creation of a path that will lead to full employment, promote social integration, and improve the lives of Bermudian men and women who have been socially and economically marginalized.

Issues put forward for the Government to consider include:

  • Eliminate or reduce the barriers in education and training,
  • Fund skills training programs’
  • Facilitate empowerment programs targeting individuals,
  • Broaden career specific training initiatives,
  • The granting of work permits should be linked to the training and development of Bermudians

Further consideration for Government based on the People’s Manifesto points include:

  • Every Bermudian should have the opportunity for post-secondary education and should not be prevented from attaining education due to a lack of funding.
  • Expansion of financial needs-based education awards
  • Free Bermuda College
  • Support lower interest rate on student loans

The reports also states that “every person should be entitled to a liveable wage in proportion to the cost of living. “That is to say, a wage that permits it citizens to meet the primary need of food, shelter, clothing and healthcare from a primary source of income.” And that the “full employment of Bermudians must be a national priority”.