Senior Magistrate Juan Wolffe slapped a 39-year-old Pembroke man with a $2,000 fine, but gave him until June 16 to pay, after he pleaded guilty to a COVID breach in an online Plea Court session on Friday (April 16).

Kamesh Wilkinson admitted to the offence committed on January 23.

Police stopped him in his car on South Road in Paget at 12:27am. When asked why he was out, he said: “I was going to check to see if a place was open.”

Wilkinson told the court that he went to buy food for his family at Ice Queen in Paget, but he did not manage his time and ended up out past curfew.

In his defence, lawyer Elizabeth Christopher appealed to the court for leniency saying he did not understand “the scale of what he had done”.

“He is a law-abiding person and I invite the court to be as helpful as possible. This isn’t intended to crush people,” she added.

Senior Magistrate Juan Wolffe fined him $2,000 with orders to pay it by June 16.

Bathsheba Jones, 22, also admitted that she was out riding her motorcycle on Parsons Road in Pembroke on January 31 at 1:22am.

She told police that she was at her brother’s house and was later summonsed for the breach.

Ms Christopher asked that Jones be sentenced to a period of community service instead of a fine, saying her client was putting herself through university and paying for medical expenses.

The case was adjourned until May 31 and released her on $3,000 bail.