The Gleaner, Jamaica: WESTERN BUREAU – A patron at a Burger King outlet in Montego Bay, St James was shot and injured on Friday (May 1) after a gunman fired at a security guard at a retail water store with whom he had an earlier altercation.

According to the police, some time after 3pm, the attacker turned up at the water store at the Westgate Shopping Centre and was asked by the security guard to follow the social distancing protocol.

The attacker reportedly resisted and during a verbal clash, assaulted the security guard.

It is reported that during the altercation, the security guard used his baton to hit the attacker several times.

The attacker subsequently left the scene and soon returned with a handgun and opened fire at the security guard, the police reported.

The security guard reportedly fled unscathed but one of the bullets hit a male patron in the nearby fast-food establishment.

The shooter then ran into a waiting motorcar, which sped away.

Meanwhile, the injured man was rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, where he was admitted.