One Bermuda Alliance MP Jeanne Atherden emerged as the new leader of the One Bermuda Alliance (OBA) Opposition party tonight, following an election of the new executive this evening.

The final count, Ms Atherden 90 votes, followed by the party’s interim leader, Patricia Gordon-Pamplin with 82 votes and former OBA leader Craig Cannonier who put his hat in the ring, who secured 69  votes.

A total of 241 votes were cast, Ms Atherden secured 37.3 percent of the votes, Ms Gordon-Pamplin secured 34 percent, and Mr Cannonier secured 28,6 percent of the votes cast.

OBA Senator Nicholas Kempe secured the vote to become the new OBA Chairman, with 177 votes or 73.4 percent of the votes cast. OBA member Simone Barton came in with a total of 65 votes for that position, or 26.7 percent of the votes cast.

According to the party statement, there are now two Deputy Chairs, namely Senator Nandi Outerbridge and Chair of the party’s youth wing Justin Mathias.