The Planning Applications Review Team (PART) has initiated an anonymous online survey to “the effectiveness of land protective zonings in The Bermuda Plan”,

The alliance of environmental advocacy groups and individuals came together in 2019 due to concerns regarding the effectiveness of land protective zonings in The Bermuda Plan.

A spokesperson said: “Development in Bermuda seems to be at an all-time high which is having an impact on all conservation lands, including agricultural land.

“To gauge our community’s awareness, interest, and concern regarding protected areas in Bermuda, PART has created a poll which the public are invited to complete. It is anonymous and the information shared with us will guide our work to inspire and promote reasonable and sustainable development solutions.

“Bermuda’s total landmass is less than 13,500 acres and continues to be under significant development pressure. The Bermuda Plan (which is updated approximately every 10 years) seeks to provide for sustainable long-term development by balancing economic, environmental and social needs.

“However, PART’s impression is that the balance has tipped toward development, at the expense of environmental protection. The NASA image accompanying this release really highlights what we are trying to convey, the spread of development in Bermuda.

“Quelling the appetite for development is challenging and PART is appealing to all of us to be more conscientious with our plans to develop our finite landmass before all of our green space is gone. PART would like to see stricter adherence to the policies and objectives of The Bermuda Plan and the reduction, if not elimination, of discretionary encroachment into conservation zones.”

Follow this link to participate in the poll: