The final count on the number of registered voters eligible to go to the polls is in.

According to the Parliamentary Register officially published today, there are 46,669 voters registered to vote in the next General Election on July 18th. That’s up by 3,017 over the 43,652 total in 2012. This after the seven-day objection period that ended on Friday, June 30th.

Tomorrow is Nomination Day for all candidates to register at the Hamilton Seventh Day Adventist Church on King Street, when the final tally on the number of Independent candidates will be known.

There’s indications that there could be up to nine independent candidates planning to run. Former Premier Paula Cox, who resigned from the Progressive Labour Party, has stated that she plans to run as an Independent for the seat she lost in Devonshire North West in 2012.

Thad Hollis, formerly of the One Bermuda Alliance, has announced that he will join the line up of Independents to run for the seat currently held by PLP MP Wayne Furbert in Hamilton West.

And Elmore Warren of Fresh TV, has announced that he will run as an Independent as well. But he hasn’t officially stated where he plans to run yet. There was speculation that he would run in Devonshire North West, where the PLP’S Wayne Caines is running against OBA incumbent Glen Smith and Paula Cox. But Bermuda Real understands Mr Warren plans to run elsewhere in an area traditionally considered a PLP stronghold.

And, political pundits will be watching closely to see if John Barritt, will actually sign up to run against former OBA leader Craig Cannonier in Devonshire South Central as an Independent candidate.

Mr Barritt stepped down to make way for Mr Cannonier to enter the political arena before the last General Election in 2012. If in fact he decides to run, it will make for an interesting race in Constituency 12.

In any case, all candidates will be officially known at the end of Nomination Day tomorrow.