Parents and teachers will be asked to consider the pros and cons of the “proposal to permanently close TN Tatem Middle School later this week.

The Ministry of Education said the consultation process will be carried out to help determine the future of the Warwick school, which was closed due to ongoing mould problems that resurfaced in April.

A Government spokesperson said: “Before undertaking a formal consultation, the Ministry will engage critical stakeholders in a pre-consultation process.

“The purpose of this pre-consultation period is to share information and obtain valuable feedback from parents, staff, principals, union representatives, boards of governors, and students [where possible].

“Pre-consultation feedback will be collected during the month of October and will help shape the formal consultation, intended to begin in November 2019.”

Parents and staff of TN Tatem are advised that:

  • A meeting with TN Tatem staff will be held on Thursday, October 17, at 4pm at Bermuda College, and
  • A meeting with TN Tatem parents will be held on Thursday, October 17, 2019 at 5:30pm at Bermuda College

The feedback garnered will help shape the formal consultation, which was expected to start in November.

Back in May of this year, Education Minister Diallo Rabain, said students would not return to the school after their summer break because work to deal with the mould and other issues at the Warwick school would take at least ten months to complete.

The estimated cost for that work would cost $3 million, he added.

But he was unable to confirm what would happen in the long term because of government plans to reform the public school system with the closure of Middle Schools on the table moving forward.