The Department of Education has advised that students in public schools will not receive report cards until next year.

A Government spokeswoman said: “In response to feedback from key stakeholder groups inclusive of the Bermuda Union of Teachers and school principals, the Department of Education advises parents that we will not disseminate report cards in December 2018.

“The next steps in relation to the reporting of grades and the implementation of standards-based grading will be communicated to parents in January 2019, after we finalise with stakeholder groups, the way forward for both of these critical matters.

“The Department of Education remains committed to working collaboratively with principals, schools and the BUT to improve the outcomes of students in the Bermuda public school system.”

The announcement comes after weeks of conflict between Government and teachers over a number of issues, including the introduction of standards-based grading.

Education Minsiter Diallo Rabain said teachers had “refused” to enter grades, but the BUT said educators had not been properly trained in the new grading system.